No one is ever worth an hour and a half wait.

Stuck in between diplomatic and unapologetic.


Everyone looks fine on the outside but they’re not so call up that friend who you haven’t spoke to in a while and ask how they’re doing cos they might die and you’ll never know

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how do you do the long distance relationship with your boyfriend for so long? 4 years of college apart seems like a long time and I can't even do it for a few months

At the beginning of college, four years seem like a long time but we’re already juniors so it’s more than halfway over. We talk a lot, everyday at night and in between classes, especially online. The best part, I think, is when you have visits. I like to visit him once every other month, or vice versa.

Most importantly, if time is your biggest concern, find something that occupies you. If you have something that’s your own fun, the days and months go by so quickly.

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Hottest Celebrity ?

Dylan Bruce